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Logistics Innovation


Teamwork Oz is committed to servicing the need for specialised requirements and have put together the resources to ensure we deliver successful solutions.

Attention to detail, flexibility and skilled labour are key to delivering succesful specialised projects.


Why choose Teamwork Oz
  • We go the extra mile to deliver goods intact, on time and on budget
  • Physical presence at the docks of all major shopping centres
  • On site Project Manager to ensure successful job completion
  • Manage projects from start to finish - we take over headaches
  • Personalised and flexible solutions to meet all needs and budgets
  • Allocated specific resources to each project
  • We co-ordinate deliveries direct with on site installers/shopfitters
  • Available and Operating 24/7


 Our Offering


  • Sensitive & Oversized Freight
  • Furniture Logistics
  • Commercial & Retail Fitouts
  • National Rollouts
  • Project Management
  • Global Procurement
  • Storage, Staging and Inventory Management
  • Local & National Network
  • Labour Hire

Now more than ever, up to date, high quality images are important on websites and online shopping to promote your products.

Teamwork Oz's professional photograhy studio can produce images on any backdrop wuitable for any use.

This service is available to our existing 3PL clients or any online retailer looking to outsource this task.



We have warehouses conveniently located around Australia.


Melbourne Headquarters

27-31 Villas Road

Dandenong South VIC 3175

Sydney Warehouse

6 Hudson Avenue

Castle Hill NSW 2154

Perth Warehouse

50 Miguel Road

Bibra Lake WA 6163

Adelaide Warehouse

03 9706 6363

Brisbane Warehouse

03 9706 6363

Location Map


We have created a range of calculators to make it easier for you to plan your logistics requirements

Cubic Weight Calculation


Shipping costs have historically been calculated on the basis of gross weight such as kilograms. By charging only by weight, lightweight, low density packages become unprofitable for freight carriers due to the amount of space they take up in the truck/aircraft/ship in proportion to their actual weight. The concept of Cubic Weight has been adopted by the transport industry worldwide as a uniform means of establishing a minimum charge for the cubic space a package occupies.

You can use our Cubic Weight Calculator to determine the chargeable weight of your package.


Cubic Calculation

Please enter the dimensions:
Carton Length (cm's)
Carton Width (cm's)
Carton Height (cm's)
Cubic weight conversion factor
Dead Weight (kg's)

Cartons per pallet Calculator

Australia Standard Pallets are square hardwood pallets which are standard in Australia and non-standard anywhere else in the world.

They are 1,165 by 1,165 millimetres  in size and fit perfectly in the RACE (container) of the Australian railways. They are not suited for the standard 20 feet (6.1 m) and 40 feet (12 m) ISO shipping containers used around the globe. Australian Standard Universal Pallets are usually manufactured in Hardwood, but 1165 x 1165 pallets can also be manufactured using lighter timber suitable for use as disposable (shipping) pallets.

Well-known and utilised Australian Pallet manufacturers include Chep and Loscam.

Chep and Loscam primarily hire out pallets - the client is charged per pallet per day.  

You can use our 'Cartons per Pallet' Calculator to determine the optimum number of cartons to store on a pallet.


Pallet Configuration

Carton Dimensions
Carton Length (cm)
Carton Width (cm)
Carton Height (cm)
Pallet Dimensions
Pallet Length (cm)
Pallet Width (cm)
Pallet Height (cm)
load height (cm)



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