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Labour Hire or Warehouse Space we can help!

We have a team of labour workers Our experienced team are ready and willing to help. They will arrive at your premises briefed and on time, and don't worry - they've had their weetbix

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container unpacking jason Container unpacking is our specialty We unpack containers for some of the largest supermarket chains and retail groups in Australia. Our people are highly qualified and fully briefed prior to each job.

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A technology system that won't let you down No need to question the state of your stock or the date of delivery, our technology system puts the control back into your hands. This means no more expensive mistakes.  


Our staff will always get the job done Need something done properly, you can rely on Teamwork Oz to deliver on customer service, team efficiency. We are willing to work until the job is done. More Information...


We really have got logistics covered, with transport and freight options available Australia wide! We also have warehouses in each major state meaning transportation and storage of good has been made easy for you! On top of this you can track your goods online any time of day!

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Teamwork Oz: A Full Container Solution in Adelaide or Melbourne, from Transport to Unpacking

Is your company moving from one office and warehouse location to another? Do you need a container transport service in Melbourne or Adelaide to help you get your product inventory safely from point A to point B? Are you looking to hire container transport company with a proven reputation for success and exemplary service?

If you answered 'yes' to each of the above questions, then Teamwork Oz is the company to help you. For the past decade, we have been providing a range of third-party logistics services to clients throughout Australia—from Adelaide to Melbourne to Brisbane and beyond. Amongst our services is a comprehensive container solution. In other words, we won't just help you handle your container transport in Adelaide, but your container packing and unpacking as well.

Expedite Your Move with a Smart Adelaide or Melbourne Container Transport Service

Need proof that you can count on Teamwork Oz as your Adelaide container transport service? Consider the fact that, in addition to simple transport services, we also work as one of Australia's most trusted distribution companies. Indeed, many companies trust us not only with transporting their goods from one storage location to another but also with delivering their inventory goods to customers throughout the country.

Now, if clients can trust Teamwork Oz to get their goods to disparate buyers and partners throughout Australia, then surely you can count on us to help you expedite your moving process. After all, most transport jobs simply involve moving a loaded container from one location to the next.

Does that mean your company could handle its own container transport process? Not necessarily. While some businesses do consider renting trucks and handling their warehouse moves in-house, the process is simply too arduous and time-consuming for most. At Teamwork Oz, we specialise in taking the hassle out of the process.

First of all, we offer container packing and unpacking services at competitive fixed-cost rates, providing you with an affordable way to manage a warehouse move—without tying up all of your employees in the packing/unpacking process. Secondly, through our Melbourne and Adelaide container transport service, we offer a full fleet of different vehicle sizes—from small, one-tonne trailers to large semi vehicles. Finally, our employees are all excellently trained and extensively experienced—just the combination you need to execute a warehouse move quickly, safely and in a well-organised fashion.

Good Rates on Your Container Transport Service through Teamwork Oz

Just like with our container packing and unpacking services, we at Teamwork Oz can provide your company with competitive container transport services in Adelaide or Melbourne. We source our trucks through the best transport companies in Australia, and our volume purchasing power makes it possible for us to pass great savings on to you! Said another way, you should save money arranging truck transport through us, compared to what you would pay if you tried to rent a truck or two on your own.

Are you ready to schedule your container transport (or a full container management solution) through Teamwork Oz? Send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more or to get a service quote.

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