3 Reasons to Use Third Party Logistics (3PL) for Shipping Container Transport in Melbourne and Adelaide

Utilising third party companies for skilled services such as IT, security, and logistics, is essential to the vitality of many organisations. The cost for training and maintaining a team of personnel whose work is not focused on your company’s industry only takes away time and resources that could instead be directed towards improving the work you do. When it’s time for your company to decide on how to meet your warehousing needs, here are a few of the best reasons to choose a 3PL solution.

1) Fiscal Responsibility

Many businesses need warehouse services, but building and maintaining the necessary facilities and team is not always the best choice for the organisation. After carefully evaluating your company’s warehousing needs, such as shipping container transport, distribution, and storage, consider the cost of building your own facilities and assembling the necessary labour. Be sure to include long-term costs, such as maintaining the team’s work and safety training, as well as the repair and expansion of buildings and vehicles required to do the job.

Compare these costs to those of a third party logistics (3PL) service, and you will likely find that your long-term cost projections plummet. Shipping container transport can become particularly costly without warehouses established at points of both origin and destination. Teamwork Oz, a top 3PL provider in Australia, has warehouses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Townsville.

2) Fluctuating Demand for Inventory

Third party logistics providers thrive on the fact that even though demand and needs may change for their individual customers, the overall need for warehouse services and labour generally remain constant. This natural fluctuation is a strength of 3PL services, but can become a serious burden for a single company attempting to manage warehousing needs on its own.

The ease of expanding or decreasing the level of warehousing services and transportation without needing to hire or lay off employees is not only convenient, but it also helps keep the overall cost of inventory low. This flexibility can be fine-tuned to your company’s demands, at a moment’s notice, if necessary. Teamwork Oz offers a 24-hour answering service for round-the-clock help, and their web-based tracking system means you can monitor your inventory no matter where it is.

3) From Melbourne to Adelaide, Shipping Container Transport and Beyond

Transporting shipping containers requires specially trained personnel and equipment to meet regulations and protect the safety of every driver on the road. Many companies that maintain their own warehouses need to first unpack the shipping container only to repack the inventory into smaller containers or vehicles for transportation. Alternatively, a 3PL provider like Teamwork Oz can transport shipping containers to just about anywhere in Australia.

Once the containers arrive at their destination, Teamwork Oz can also provide experienced and trained warehouse labour for the next stages, including pick-and-pack, distribution, and storage. By hiring only the best candidates and training to the highest standards for quality and safety, Teamwork Oz offers competitive, comprehensive, efficient, and affordable warehousing services to businesses all over Australia.